Guide to Software Application Marketing

This concise short article will tell you in plain English how you can promote your software application quickly and effectively.
Send your software application
I suggest submitting your software to It costs $79 dollars a year, however is well worth it. It will show your product on and its partner network comprised of 20 other major download sites. is so popular that if your product was only noted on it would still deserve the yearly cost.
Usage Rudenko’s ( software application submission service to send your software to hundreds of software archives. Unlike auto-submit programs, Rudenko has staff members by hand submit your software to each archive so it is less likely to be turned down.
Rudenko’s software submission service is likewise useful due to the fact that most of the software application archives will have a link to your website Relevant pages that connect to your site increase your link appeal. The greater your link appeal the much better your online search engine ranking will be, specifically in Google. Rudenko’s software application submission service costs $70 and if you include “David Mahler – 10% discount” in the comment field you will receive 10% off.
Promote through your website.
If you have a site than you can promote your software application free of charge by using efficient seo strategies.
The 2 essential factors for seo are effective titles and clear body text. Make sure that the titles matter, unique to each page, and consist of crucial expressions that are likely to be browsed. Body text must be clear, succinct and saturated with key expressions. Do not hesitate to include your key phrase as many times as it seems natural to do so. Before you release your masterpiece, test your site copy by reading it aloud to yourself or to a pal. If it sounds uncomfortable you most likely require to take a few of those key expressions out. Remember it is important to compose for both individuals and online search engine.
For more details on search engine optimization I extremely suggest
Have someone else do the work
Websites like and allow you to partner with affiliates that distribute your software application for you. This is a simple method to get your product out there however you can anticipate to pay a commission to the affiliate.
Whether you are a sole owner or a major corporation, these software marketing methods will be effective in promoting your software.